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Digital Monkey and Analog Robot

When a monkey and a robot from another planet have their brain’s switched by a rebellious scientist in an attempt to defy the evil robots of Planet X, and they flee to Earth in the distant past to warn humanity of the impending doom their computer technology will create…

This is MOnkeyKRon… (also known as a live-looping two-man ensemble band which blend hip-hop, jazz, funk, disco, techno, and 80’s pop into a mind melting space warp)

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Jewish Hip-Hop And Reggae: Modern Jewish Prayer

Jonathan Gutstadt (Yo-natan) is a Jewish hip-hop artist who combines traditional Jewish song, prayer and liturgy with contemporary hip-hop beats and rhythms. He has led Jewish hip-hop prayer services and workshops at synagogues, day schools, summer camps, Hillels, and Jewish Community Centers across the country. Families, college students, teens, grandparents and children have all discovered a renewed enthusiasm for Jewish prayer and music through the “HipHopShabbat” experience. This program has already served 30 different Jewish organizations and the music has spread all around the world.

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Vibe 13

Naturalistic Trip-Hop

Vibe 13’s flow is as fresh and clean as the waters of Lake Tahoe, where they recorded their first album “Auminanomen” with a solar pack out in the woods. Their music is a vibe that comes from the pulsating Earth rhythms below. Often slow and melodic, freestyled bass lines and raps transform themselves into downtempo trip-hop tracks. Vibe 13’s music, a mix of hip-hop, dub, and ambient, is super chillaxing, and takes you on a mystic journey.

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Resonant Sun

TribalAstroFunk Beats and Conscious Raps

Known to experiment outside of genre, Resonant Sun’s music can best be described by the name of his second album “TribalAstroFunk,” which is a combination of hip-hop, reggae, jazz, and downtempo breakbeats. Alongside the unique groove of the music are fluent lyrics which range in topic from ecological awareness to hemp activism to the nature of time.

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