About Me


Who Am I?


Music Producer

Higherkey Productions is a music production studio with over 12 years of experience. Our engineer, Jonathan Gutstadt, has been using Pro-Tools and Reason for over 10 years, and Ableton Live for over 5 years. He has expertise in demo production, hip-hop production, and live beat-making. He has taught workshops nationwide on how to make hip-hop tracks in a 1-2 hour time span, and can easily turn the beat in your head into a real audio track.

My Record Label

The Higherkey Record label is the official label for all of Jonathan’s solo and collaborative projects such as Resonant Sun, HipHopShabbat, Arjun and Guardians, Galactic Council, Vibe 13, and MonkeyKron. Higherkey has a large catalogue of music, perfect for music licensing in video games, movies, and/or television shows.

Higherkey Services

Beats and Instrumentals

I have been making beats for 15 years, and I’m finally starting to get good at it. When I started, I just wanted some beats that I could rap over. Now, I’ve got plenty of beats and not enough lyrics, so I’m hoping some of you wonderful artists out there would like to spit some flows and/or sing over them. In addition, some of my tracks fit perfectly in various licensing scenarios such as skate/surf/snowboard videos and TV/commercial videos. I offer various forms of music licensing such as Mp3, WAV, Tracked-Out WAVs, and Exclusive. See my licensing chart HERE.

Conscious Hip-Hop Music

Most of the hip-hop I make is conscious. What does that mean to me? Conscious hip-hop is music that uplifts people mentally, spiritually, and culturally. I feel that music that offends people, such as lyrics that denigrate women or attack others, is the norm, unfortunately, and this crap is being pushed on us by the record labels and radio. I feel that consious Hip-hop music is something that unites people. It helps people express their individual stories, empowers cultural expression, and speaks the truth about situations we are facing while offering solutions to its listeners.

I have released 7 conscious hip-hop albums since 2002. You can check out my music HERE.

Music Production Lessons

When I started out in the year 1999, I had a 4-Track recorder! It took me another 6 years to get my first laptop. Now, I finally got all my gear hooked up and it’s absolutely the most beautiful thing ever. I am in music heaven.

Making beats is my favorite thing to do in the world, other than cuddling, food, sleeping, being in nature, and petting animals. Other than that, it is how I want to spend my time. Just making beautiful sounds and cool beats to rap over is what my life is all about.

I am so happy to share every, single thing that I have learned about the music production process. From music theory, to basic production practices, to writing good raps, to equalization, compression, plugin-ins, I love teaching and learning music.

Some of my specialties are:

  • Ableton Live production
  • Beginner music theory
  • Piano, ukelele, rapping